Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 5 décembre 2011

Famous comedian in Syria, Fadwa Soleiman has been living in hiding since she publicly criticized the Syrian regime on the AL-JAZEERA channel, the 7 of November 2011. Yet this activist who is now leading the protests in Homs, is not resolve to silence. At the occasion of a meeting organized by both the associations SouriaHouria and the fund of Mediterranean’s Women, she send a message all the way to Paris, on November 29,a call to peace that TV5MONDE translated.


Hello, I wish you all the best, there are definitely many Syrian women who spoke about the role played by women in the Syrian revolution. As for me, I wanted to address this message through you, to all the people of the world, both men and women.

“Hasn’t the time come for humanity to put an end to all wars?? Hasn’t the time come for her to cease thievery, murders and pillage?? Hasn’t yet come the time to disparage lies and intimidation, starving people, humiliating and torturing them??Isn’t it the time to finally lift material, moral, intellectual and spiritual oppression??To reinvent reality both by eliminating some facts and by bring others, for a few man to rule the world as they wish disuniting humanity??Man is by nature disposed to love, forgive and unite et destined to communicate with the rest of the world through modern technics for him to be able to achieve perfection and to yearn to a better life.


From this spot, from this place called Syria, I launch the revolution of love, forgiveness and unity for Mankind, to stop the brutality of carnages, so that we would never be caught in the endless vortex of action and reaction. I call to the revolution of love, forgiveness and unity of Mankind against all the bloody revolutions of the world. Here from Syria, I adduce all the wise of the planet to spread knowledge, otherwise they would be accomplice in every destructive action. From Syria, from the bottom of my heart full with Bouddha, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, from my heart bearing all that once was and still is: the rocks, the birds, the trees and the creatures; I launch the revolution of love, forgiveness and unity of the Mankind against hate, abhorrence and fear, against intimidation,torture,ingnorance,blasphemy,accusation,tutorship,arming policies and mobilization, security, police and secret services and against any subversion we may give to others.

When will we finally realize that we are all part of body, and we simultaneously build this entity together. How a whole can deny a portion, and how the portion can disown a whole? How come that our blood supplies nutrients and oxygen to every cell equally and seamlessly. Why a cell wouldn’t then go to war against another to get more??Why wouldn’t a brain cell make fun of a foot or posterior cell, and arms up with carbon dioxide to annihilate others, believing them to be no longer useful?


Brothers and sisters, you who are my life and my cells, the whole and the part, the unity comes from within us, towards us and all around us, let’s unite and gather under the banner of the body we are, by launching the revolution of love, forgiveness and unity of Mankind. What a noble revolution! Everywhere around the world, with silence, with prayers, each one of us, we start our revolution that we will first address to ourselves, to purge our souls of oppression which is preventing us to see the true reality  and for the revolution of love, forgiveness and unity of Mankind could illuminate and purify us so that each one of us can see, hear and sympathize with others. We will be dazzled by the abundance of love we will share and receive.

From Syria, through the sound of the Syrian people against injustice, oppression and crime; through this call of the people to freedom, liberties; through the plaint, the pain and the suffering of the Syrian people calling for the dictator to leave, for violence to cease and to cease as well every Arab or international policy leaving us to perish uselessly. Through the cry, the pain and the suffering of the Syrian people martyred on the altar of freedom as the arab world and the West are simply observing waiting for their interests to be realized before putting an end to the cruelty and denounce our dictator as a murderer; through the sound of a people who is refusing all military interference, air embargo or war, who is refusing to see the members of his own army killing each other, but is asking for an initiative that will put an end to brutality, he is calling for a help that will save him from the quicksand where he is bogged down by his pacifism, risking to be swallowed and isolated by it. Through the call of the people who is wishing to build a democratic state, maintaining relations of fairness, transparency and peace with the world. From the tortured heart of the Syrian people and in his name I here say: Step in, people of the world, step in to stop violence, bloodbaths and crimes.

You should consider, you politicians who are supporting and calling for democracy, the people’s right to freedom.  Reconsider your policies made up of prevarication, ambiguity in a attempt to acquire as much material intrests as possible before stepping up to stop the monstrosities. Thanks for sending back the ambassador, but international observers, organizations of human rights and independent media should intervene, otherwise you will be favoring the shallow building of mankind, increasing the defects of humanity.

In spite of all the progress in education and technology we remain in the abyss. Time has come for us to ennoble our mind and ideas, time has come for humanity to relive the so long forgotten joy. Time has come for us to be united et sharing what we have with no thievery, pillage and war. It ‘s finally about time to go after this thought and achieve it”