Assad Uses Names of Famous Sunni Families in Fraudulent Election Campaign – By Aks Al-Ser (Opposition website) – Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 23 mai 2014

Witnesses express surprise at seeing their names on banners of support

Aks Al-Ser  has learned that Bashar Assad has used a cheap sectarian method in a number of provinces in order to advertise for his alleged election.

Aware of the crimes he has committed against the Sunni people, Assad has used the names of famous Sunni families, writing them on banners and on street signs to signify their support.

Sources close to the Abu al-Laban family, which is famous in Homs, sent an image of one of the banners to Aks Al-Ser, stating the name of the family in support of Assad.

The said that the family of Abu al-Laban, along with the other names that appear in the banner, are opposition families in Homs, and they lost their livelihoods and possessions because of the barbaric bombing of Assad’s forces before most of them moved to Egypt.

The source pointed out that this banner is made up by regime’s Shabbiha, like dozens of others like it.

Witnesses in a number of provinces confirmed the spread of this phenomenon, with many expressing surprise at seeing their names on banners.

In a continuation of the comic series of candidates, a banner has been hung in Damascus confirming the support for Assad, signed by Mohamed Nabil Al-Nouri, a cousin of the candidate Hassan al-Nouri.

The ugly play of elections still attracts a large herd of supporters who fill the pages of other candidates with insults and mockery.


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date : 22/05/2014