Creative Syria: not forgotten

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 29 septembre 2013

Many people forgot today how the Syrian revolution started and why. Many lost track and other only knew about Syria after the revolution was called « civil war ». Thats why this video comes to remind people how the Syrian revolution started. How people gathered in peaceful protests and how the Assad regime shot them, killed them, kidnapped them, and used all kind of violence with them when they tried to keep as peaceful as possible.

At one scene the video tries to hint for viewers that its Assad who is the teacher of killing and its his fault that we got this far, he killed and killed until many got to the point were they needed to defend themselves, however, even after many defended themselves with weapons, many others tried to keep it peaceful. This, however, explains why for many Syrian its still called a revolution and not a civil war. The video uses many of the art pieces (posters, paintings, images  …etc) to show how many Syrians still use their creative ways to express themselves and their need for the regime to step aside, and that it is clearly not like what the Assad and his troops claim for it to be a group of rabbles only. The video is 10 minutes long and it highlights the revolution almost from the very beginning until the last massacre done by Assad in Western Ghouta on August 21st. Finally, this video is like Syrians address the world saying, « look, this is who we really are, not the dirty killers you see on TV ».

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date : September 2013