European parliament to showcase Assad regime torture photographs – by Kareem Shaheen

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 7 juillet 2015

Images smuggled out of Syria by former military photographer to be shown in public space following allegations of censorship.

The European parliament will allow a collection of photographs that international lawyers say shows “systematic torture and killing” by Syrian government forcesto be displayed in public on the legislature’s grounds, reversing an earlier decision that exposed it to accusations of censorship.

The exhibition, which includes photographs smuggled out of the country by a former military photographer, will now be hosted at a public space and officially sanctioned by the parliament, with warning signs about the graphic nature of the images and restricting children from entry.

“It is a sensible compromise,” said Alyn Smith, a Scottish National Party MEP and lead sponsor of the exhibit, who confirmed the decision.

syria torture
 A warning at the exhibition of the ‘Caesar’ photographs at the UN headquarters in New York. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters