Freedom Convoy For Syria

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 12 mars 2012

Freedom Convoy For Syria

We are independent Syrian youth « living abroad, » we are organizing a peaceful convoy in order to break the information blockade imposed on Syria and to draw world attention to the tragedies of humanity, and open the way for the relief organizations of humanitarian aid to enter and if the token .. In this regard, we invite all charities and relief organizations in the world to join us as we call on all committees and international human rights organizations to participate in order to record any violations committed against the convoy and the participants and to do its duty towards the defenseless people inside Syria in the event of entry. And to make sure of the contents of the convoy before you enter it to Syria, where we expect an aggressive campaign and false accusations by the regime that we are entering a prohibited materials … We also hope to invite these institutions of peace activists from around the world that share our convoy.

Fifteenth of march is the launching date of the convoy, « the first anniversary of the date for the start of the Syrian Revolution », Freedom Convoy participants will gather and be launched from two sites.. First in Turkey, the city of Gaziantep and the second from Jordan at Al Ramtha area, and in the event of rejection of the Syrian regime to enter the Syrian border, we intend to camp and strike on both sites of the border for more than three days.

Those who cannot enter from activists and participants for any reason could sit on the border, this if the convoy granted an entrance.

On the twelfth of last month, launched from the Turkish territory, « the city of Gaziantep » convoy of freedom to Syria, Symbolic aid of relief carriage, accompanied by Arab and foreign media had prevent participants by the the Syrian regime from entering.

Action was taken by Participants arriving at from different countries of the world for two days and declared a hunger strike to protest against the decision to ban the entry,

There has been a remarkable lack of human rights organizations participating in the convoy, despite the formal invitations to many of them.

Convoy condition is to enter the various media with us and escorted each convoy movements in the disaster areas in Syria.

We call your help along with your presence with us and your support to us.

As a youth There is no independent institutional coverage for us, since we represent a popular civilian movement waged, includes various spectral and the Syrian activists in different countries.

In this regard, we authorize Mr. Muhannad al-Hasani to represent the convoy in front of various committees and human rights in the world with him all authority in it ..


Coordinator and spokesman

Moayad Skaif