Freedom Convoy to Syria

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 9 janvier 2012

We are independent young Syrians accompanied by peace activists from all over the world (around 1500 activists). We are not part of any institution or organization. We are organizing a humanitarian relief convoy to Syria, along with the participation of the media, legal committees, and different charity foundations, in order to break the media seal that has been enforced all around Syria. Our aim is also to deliver humanitarian aid to the families in the afflicted areas that suffer from daily brutal bombing and totally unacceptable living conditions. If we manage to reach these areas, we will form local committees of investigation to seek facts and document the crimes committed by the Syrian regime against peaceful demonstrators.
The convoy will be launched on the 12th of January 2012 from two starting points: the first from Turkey (Ghazi Aintab); and the second from Jordan (Alramtha). We have the required authorizations from Turkey, but the approval of the Jordanian government is still pending.
If the Syrian regime refuses to allow the convoy to enter Syria, we will have a three day (extendable) sit-in on the two sides of the borders, with the participation of Syrian actors and public figures in addition to the activists.
We have more than one goal involving the presence of legal committees, NGOs, and international human rights societies. These goals include:
1.    Documenting any violations that the convoy may be confronted to.
2.    Documenting the crimes or cases of oppression against peaceful demonstrators, if granted the possibility to enter the afflicted areas.
3.    Certifying the legality of all contents carried by the cargo, as we expect the Syrian regime to claim that the convoi carried prohibited items.

We request your assistance and presence among us, independent young people with no politico-religious affiliation. We only represent a civil movement composed of Syrians of all backgrounds and religions, as well as activists of various nationamities.

Freedom Convoy Coordinator,
Moayad Eskif