Government forces killed 33 civilians including 6 children, 11 women, and 3 under torture in the first day of Geneva II peace conference

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 23 janvier 2014

Statement form the Syrian Network of Human Rights

On the first day of Geneva II peace conference, government forces showed no consideration for the international community, where their tanks and warplanes are continuing shelling and killing people as nothing have change in the previous days.

As and human rights activists that give us huge indicates about the unwillingness of the Syrian regime’s seriousness to commit their obligations to the world, because Syrian government do not understand any language except critical threat, as when they cooperated and handed over the chemical weapons.

We assure to you that they will keep elusive and playing games as long as the international community doesn’t decide to stop bloodshed in Syria.

SNHR  has documented in the first day of Geneva II conference the killing of 33 civilian including 6 children, 11 women, and 3 cased of forced disappearance citizens that government forces tortured them to death, their families handed over their bodies today, in addition to the kill of 13 armed rebels.

Please see the following attachment that contains names, photos according to the different Syrian governorates:

Syrian Network for Human Rights renew request to bind Syrian government with a truce at least during Geneva Conference.

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