IDPs Hunger Strike in Wake of Deadly Snowstorm – By Zaman al-Wasl (Opposition website) – Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 14 janvier 2015

Syrian refugees begin hunger strike over shameful rescue efforts following deadly snowstorm

Displaced people inside Syria announced a hunger strike in the hope of pressuring officials from the National Coalition to fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities, namely rescuing Syrian refugees in the wake of a fatal snowstorm.

An organizer responsible for the hunger strike told Zaman al-Wasl the refugees have a number of demands, one of which is requesting visits from the heads of the National Coalition and the Interim Government to observe their harsh living conditions. Other urgent demands involve the replacement of destroyed tents, securing sources of heating for tents, provisions of flour, the establishment of medical and teaching centers and the formation of an executive committee – with half of its staff formed from displaced academics.

The hunger strike demonstrators further stated their demands, including: the formation of a directorate for injured people, documenting their names; the formation of a directorate for martyrs’ children, and their families, within the Ministry of Local Administration; the establishment of a higher body, independent from the National Coalition, for inspection and observation; the formation of a body specialized in refugees’ affairs managed by the interim prime minister; and lastly, the omission of all unnecessary ministries within the Interim Government.

The demonstrators threatened to escalate the matter if the government and the National Coalition did not fulfill their demands. “That would have great effects either inside or outside Syria to force the opposition to comply with the demonstrator’s demands”, said Abdul Razzak, a participant in the hunger strike.

Razzak mentioned the escalation would increase to rejecting recognition of the Interim Government, and the refusal of representation by the organization.

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date : 13/01/2015