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Kesh Malek (Checkmate) has launched an advocacy campaign explaining that the Syrian regime and The Islamic State are cut out of the same cloth, containing sarcastic material and merchandise focusing on the similarities between state, and non-state terrorism.

The campaign is called SameShit. It will be active on the hashtag #SameShit and over Kesh Malek’s Facebook page and twitter account. Also there is an Official FB page for the campaign that only posts in English. Through these media outlets, we will publish music, designs, cartoons, videos, brochures and other artistic material that fall within the scope of the idea behind the campaign. There will also be merchandise (hoodies, cups, and laptop stickers) on for sale.

The campaign contains several events for cartoonists, artists and writers aiming to shed some light in a sarcastic way on the similarities between ISIS and the Syrian regime and challenge the mainstream media that can no more see the bloody regime behind the ISIS knife, after over 200,000 martyrs and more than half the Syrian population as refugees due to the Assad state terrorism.

The main target audience is the Western audience interested in the Syrian situation. We will be publishing the brochures and all the campaign materials in English for that purpose. Attracting the western media and activist is a challenge that needs the collaboration of the Syrian community in the West.

The US led coalition continues its ongoing strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria started a month earlier than the launch of our campaign. Yet the preparations of it started before the announcement of the airstrikes. It shows and clarifies that the coalition does not provide any political or military solution to the main problem in Syria, which is the Syrian regime. In our opinion, the Coalition strategy remains half done and we cannot even depend on in its goal to annihilate extremism in the region.

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date : 21/10/2014



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