ISIS is a state with borders stretching from Facebook to Twitter – by Abu Mohammed

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 28 janvier 2015

“Raqqa thrives silently” is a lie, which ISIS tried to promote it to deliver a good picture of the areas under its control. 

This lie promoted by the supporters of the organization and they living it as reality outside of the areas controlled by this occupier organization, to show that this state – which will expand to Rome – is able to function the city, and works day and night to serve the people, resembled proverb “police serve the people”.

ISIS supporters are broadcasting video clips showing that Raqqa full of lights and lighting, and for a while, you feel as if that you’re in New York, in a while you hear the voices of the celebrations permeated the city when electricity returns to work for a period not exceeding four hours a day, not only that, water in a miserable situation, because it contains many impurities which led to the injury of many residents with multiple diseases, in a while, kidney dialysis machines stopped in the National Hospital, which became out of work for several times and returned to work with a simple potential. 

If you are living in the country of ” Caliphate”, you must be sure that you will die if you get any simple disease, because of the lack of most types of drugs and medical devices, at the same time, everyone knows that ISIS has a special hospitals which prepared only for the treatment of its members, some of these hospitals are secret but the others are known to the public. 

Issa 30 years, who still lives in the city of Raqqa says: electricity return has become a large festival in the neighborhood, so we hurry to charge mobile phones and lighting lamps and we are trying accomplish most of our needs. 

In this festival, we are gathering around the electric heater to feel some “warmth” for a few hours, where the diesel heaters has become dedicated to the families of the organization and they get free diesel, and we are as civilians which cannot afford the cost of this material which rises every day. 

My mom has a new dream, she want to wash clothes in the washing machine without completing the washing manually, because the power supply is not sufficient to complete the washing in the washing machine. 

Issa, which the features of despair appeared over his face, and it seemed that his hair graying, answered when we asked him why he did not leave the city and preferred to stay: I am not a hero but I am forced, if I have the financial resources, I will not stay here another moment. 

Issa’s case is not an isolated case, many of people in this black city on earth and the City of Lights on Twitter, are living in more difficult circumstances. 

ISIS supporters are broadcasting video clips and instantaneous photos give the impression that Raqqa is a paradise, ISIS supporters whose argue others, are still remaining in their warm rooms outside the walls of the alleged Caliphate State, and they are fighting the world and calling for jihad in Syria, but their weapons are the keyboard buttons, and in the cases of siege a lot of re-Tweet.

ISIS began establishing a state starting from Facebook region to expand and reach the borders of Twitter region.

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date : 19/01/2015

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