let us stand with the Syrian people

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 15 novembre 2011

For more than eight months, Bashar Al-Assad’s regime has not ceased to savagely repress the Syrian people, who peacefully request the reconstitution of their rights – with the vision of establishing a pluralist and democratic state – in order to finally live freely and with dignity.

In their own country, Syrians – men, women and even children – are killed, tortured, detained without recourse. Thousands others are forced to flee in haste, abandoning their homes and villages for precarious refuge abroad. Together with the National Syrian Council, which brings together most of the opposition, they ask the international community for relief; respite – a hesitant request despite the partial sanctions adopted by several countries, including those of the European Union. Meanwhile, the death toll rises daily.

For this reason – following the call of Avignon in July and the evening held on October 10 in the Odéon Theatre in which Alain Juppeé (Minister of Foreign and European Affairs) clearly declared the support of France to the Syrian People represented by the National Syrian Council – we called citizens the world-over, and especially those in Europe, to make their voices heard on November 3rd and November 4th (dates coinciding with the G20 reunion in Cannes), in order to encourage governments to take any and all peaceful measures that will facilitate the end of this massacre.

With the support of (the undersigned) individuals and organizations, we ask citizens to demonstrate their solidarity – whether as individuals or collectives – in public spaces: communal halls; institutions or enterprises; schools, high schools or universities; places of worship and local associations; using the means of expression they deem appropriate.

And because Syria is also a land of culture, we invite all artistic and cultural establishments (theatres, libraries, museums, conservatories, art centres, etc.) to take the initiative to host debates, conferences, concerts, lectures, film screenings, performances, exhibitions… to accompany the Syrian people in their determination to chase the tyrant. This cycle of demonstrations was inaugurated on November 4 at Théâtre du Soleil (Paris).

Call of the Cultural and Artistic Association SouriaHouri (Syria-Freedom) with the following associations and organizations:

Syndeac (Syndicat des Entreprises Artistiques et Culturelles – Union of Artistic and Cultural Enterprises)

ATMF (Association des travailleurs maghrébins de France – Association of Labourers of the Maghreb in France)

Mouvement de solidarité avec le peuple syrien (Syrian British Solidarity Campaign, Londres – Movement of Solidarity with the Syrian People)

Déclaration de Damas pour le changement national et démocratique en Syrie (Paris)

Collectif Urgence solidarité Syrie (Paris)

Alliance démocratique laïque (Syrien Secular Democratic Alliance) (London)

Union libre des étudiants et des universitaires d’Allemagne (Berlin)

Syrian Revolution General Commission (London)

Le Comité belge  pour soutenir la révolution syrienne

Les Démocrates syriens, (Geneva)

Le Peuple syrien connaît son chemin (Al Chab al Soury Arif Tariqahou) (Berlin)

Collectif Jasmin (Geneva)

With the support of the following individuals:

Marcel Bozonnet, actor, former administrator of la Comédie-Française

Hortense Archambault et Vincent Baudriller, directors of the Festival d’Avignon

Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, former director of the Festival d’Avignon

François Tanguy, director, Théâtre du Radeau

Ariane Mnouchkine, director, director of le Théâtre du Soleil

Olivier Py, director of l’Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe

Jack Ralite, former minister

Charles Fiterman, former minister

Emmanuel Wallon, professor at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

José Miguel Puerta Vílchez, historian (Spain)

Anne Mesliand, professer, Université de la Méditerranée, unionist, regional counselor for PACA, Front de Gauche

Stéphane Rigat, researcher and professor, Marseille

Philippe Rousseau, professor emiretus, Lille

Mathée Giacomo-Marcellesi, professor emiretus, Université Paris 3

Sophie Marret-Malval, professor of psychoanalysis at Université Paris 8

Catherine Fabre-Renault, honorary vice president of Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris 3

Michel Casevitz, professor emiretus

François Picard, professor of ethnomusicology, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Francis Blanchet, teacher (Paris)

Laetitia Tso, teacher (Paris)

Alain Morau, teacher

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