Moody Sirhan – Lion’s Roar Tunisia Egypt Syria Revolution Arab Uprising

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 11 février 2012

Les paroles de la chanson :

Moving’ on up, rising like true 3arabs
Ousting Mubaraks, ya, like who Barak?
Enough with em they too corrupt
Taking all our rights and pocketing the butter
What a load of bollocks
We’ve seen your true colors, shooting at your brothers
We suffer coz we marching, we marching coz we suffer
Time to turn the pages
Were better than your lower wages And Inflations
Power to the people. Freedom for the nations
Mercy for the poor, that be drowning in your slave ships
You’re running out of fuel while we’re running out of patience
You’re taking us for fools with your silly fuckin statements, save them

Shoot at the people in the streets, yo
But you couldn’t kill our hope for peace no
You’re into too deep and stumbling down some steep slopes
Time for reform, it’s like we’re reborn

Reborn Let’s ring the alarm now
Ding dong We’re here to knock your door down
A cool calm will come once the storms out
It’s what were dying for, now hear the lions roar


Break out the chains; fly out the ‘qaffas’
Struggling for freedom, gasping for ‘naffas’,
Wont stand silent, you could even ‘cuff us
Down with the regime and I mean al-Assad’s,
You’ve tortured the people; your lies are so see through
It’s Time to leave, coz nobody here believe you
You’re just a coward. The only fear we feel is to keep you in power
We will not allow ay
We will not back down despite the crackdowns
In light of the awakening, been fighting to make change
None will feel pain in vein; it’s a new age, let’s pave the way
The movement is the heart of the future as we set the pace

Shoot at the people in the streets, yo
But you couldn’t kill our hope for peace, no
Ain’t no bullet can take our right to speak so…
It’s time for reform, it’s like we’re reborn