Out of the Shadow of Fear

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 6 juin 2011

A rare inside look at Syria, a land where the regime rules with a murderous impunity.

He walks barefoot through the streets. The air is fresh with night, the sky at its darkest. He stretches his legs and inhales the scent of spring.

Some cars drive by, lighting up the sidewalk as they pass. Sand and gravel cover the soles of his swollen feet. His stomach pains are intense. His neck hurts. “This was just a holiday,” they told him. “Next time, it’s business.”

He arrives at a metal door in Yarmouk, on the outskirts of Damascus, and presses the doorbell. A confused face appears in the door hatch, then bursts out: “So, they got you a new haircut!”

Abid is jostled into the apartment. The ones who were asleep come shuffling. The laughter, it seems, won’t stop. Abid is out of jail.

The engineering student is one of thousands who have been detained and imprisoned since the revolt in Syria started in March. People have been plucked away from schools and mosques, from public squares and streets. The authorities are quick to arrive on the sites of the protests. Men in civilian clothes, called the “ghosts,” are watching.

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Source : NewsWeek
Date : 5/6/2011