Petition for UNICEF to take action against child killing in Syria

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 30 mai 2011

Hamzah Ali Alkhateeb, a boy of only 13 years, went with his family from Aljeezah in the march to break the siege in Deraa, he was among the unlucky hundreds detained during the massacre of Seda in front of the army barrier.

Hamzah’s dead body was later handed over to his family with clear traces of torture, bruises all over his body, bullets have penetrated his body, and even more… his gentile was cut and then he was killed.

Hamzah is only one of the thousands of victims of the murderous regime of Alassad.

The story of Hamza is unfortunately one of many. There are many men, women, children, elderly who have yet to be returned to their families. One cannot fathom the amount of torture inflicted upon these unarmed civilians by the hateful and barbaric Syrian regime.