Revolutionary Council of Homs – An Appeal for Help

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 10 février 2012

Revolutionary Council of Homs

An Appeal for Help


To Syrians everywhere, to Arabs and Muslims, to the entire World:

For 11 months the residents of Homs specifically, and Syrians generally, have been facing a brutal regime whose crimes and brutality are unprecedented. The criminality of this regime has gone out of control after getting the green light from its allies of the totalitarian mafia regimes of China and Russia. As a result, the regime has declared a real comprehensive war against the people, barbarically killing and destroying, without distinguishing between man, elderly, child, or woman. The destruction has not spared a hospital, school, or house of worship, with complete disregard for all values of human decency.

For the past 6 days, the Assad forces have used heavy artillery, mortars, and rockets to destroy entire neighborhoods and towns of Homs on top of their residents. All of this is to punish the residents for wanting freedom and dignity. All of this is happening right in front of the international community, which is too absorbed with the nasty game of interests while remaining indifferent to the rights of the peaceful people, who merely wanted to get rid of dictatorship and pave the way for a brighter future with freedom, justice, and equality for future generations.

11 months have passed and Syrians generally, and the residents of Homs in particular, are leading a heroic struggle and giving away convoys of fallen heroes on daily basis, as they face the most violent types of repression. Homs is now a stricken city, with tens of thousands of families affected, having given away their sons and breadwinners between killed, injured, detained, or missing. All of this is happening under a suffocating siege and a severe shortage in medical and food supplies. Meanwhile, this most recent military campaign that the regime has launched has nearly wiped out whatever was left of stored food and field hospitals.

Homs is now living through a true humanitarian catastrophe. Families have been displaced, supplies are running out, and the number of the wounded has increased drastically. Many of the wounded are bleeding to death, because the regime has deprived them the right to receive treatment after Assad forces have taken over the public hospitals, the snipers have cut off the roads to private hospitals, and the tanks have destroyed most field hospitals.
The Revolutionary Council of Homs, and its relief and medical committees, declares that it is unable to address this humanitarian disaster and appeals in desperation to human conscience in the World, especially fellow Arabs, to immediately support our stricken people and without anymore delays.

We appeal to all relevant humanitarian organizations, especially the International Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and other human rights organizations and rescue teams to immediately pressure in anyway to enter Homs, and to establish safe corridors to provide relief for the stricken residents, especially the wounded.

The World’s disregard towards the suffering our people, and leaving them as prey to the criminal Assad regime, will lead Syria and the region to an unknown future and an earthquake with which the Assad regime has threatened since the beginning.
It is clear that this regime is not affected by anything and has no sense of national, ethical, or humanitarian responsibility. We therefore hold the entire world, especially the Arab nations, responsible for what may happen after all this blood has been shed and all these sacrifices by our unarmed people who are left alone in their struggle to get freedom and dignity.

We pledge to God and our homeland that we will remain steadfast until the last breath is drawn and the last drop of blood is shed, we will continue along our path until we get freedom or die trying.

Long live a free Syria, proud of all its sons.

May God bless the fallen heroes, free the detainees, and heal the wounded.

Revolutionary Council of Homs
Homs, Syria
9 February 2012