Russia to Provide Regime With Fighting Helicopters – By Zaman al-Wasl – Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 24 avril 2014

The helicopters requested have electronic-visual system, besides being able to perform live video recording as well as the ability to identify and follow targets electronically


Zaman al-Wasl continues to publish exclusive leaks from the Syrian regime, with a new set of documents, one dated on 18 February 2013, showing a request from the Ministry of Interior to buy four helicopters from a Russian arms plant via the office of army security.


The document requested helicopters for the first time since the beginning of the revolution, including two MI-171SH helicopters for the use by the Ministry of Interior.


The documents demanded the helicopters have electronic-visual system for exploring, lighting and monitoring, besides being able to perform live video recording in daylight, and thermal filming at night, as well as the ability to identify and follow targets electronically.


The document reveal the need for enhanced navigation systems and for the requested helicopters to be able to discover and display navigation and avian information at the control and loading cabins. Moreover, the document demanded the two helicopters have at least 10-kilometer laser distance measuring systems and to be able to immediately record and transfer the outcomes of operations to the land control base at a distance up to 200 kilometers.


The Ministry requested another two KA-226-T brand helicopters or similar. MI-171-SH is a smart helicopter as it is able to disturb rockets directed to it from shoulder-held canons. It was manufactured to perform fighting operations in civil conflict in particular, and can be used for soldiers’ transport as well. It can work in difficult climate conditions.

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date : 21/04/2014