Sawa Volunteering Program

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 7 juillet 2014


The Sawa Volunteering Program will help you dispel many previously held notions you might have about traditional volunteering programs in refugee camps. Volunteering is more than just giving back to the community, or actively promoting humanitarian work, it is an immersive experience in a community with different set of values and norms.

This program is designed to enrich your traveling experience and take a step further than the traditional photographing major temples, churches, and/or iconic sites.

Getting actively involved in teaching, empowering and sharing learning experiences with more than 250 children from the Bar Elias refugee camp will help you acquire a different lens through which you look at volunteering in general and volunteering in refugee camps more specifically.

The Sawa volunteering program will also give you a more comprehensive understanding of necessary volunteer work that ethically develops the communities and eco-systems where you and other volunteers will spend your time.

Volunteering with Children

Our volunteers will actively participate in ready-to-use children programs tailored for a period of two weeks at the Bar Elias Children school as they can often be full of children; sometimes as many as 100-120 with only a couple of untrained staff. The work you will do is invaluable as it gives the children more human contact, helps the staff , and also give the children the opportunity to perhaps learn new songs, games, new languages and much more.


What is also unique about our program is that it is not just about teaching and helping, it is about learning and cultivating your personal sills and capacities. Hence, we incorporated workshops into our program’s daily schedule. Special trainers will give these workshops to you as part of the program. These workshops will revolve around Community organizing, Leadership, Conflict resolution and transformation, Ethical volunteering and Online strategies for social campaigns.

* Deadline for applying will be on the 15th of July 2014

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