Statement by Swasia on the International Women’s Day

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 10 mars 2013

The Syrian Organization of Human rights “Swasia”

“The International Women’s Day”

In the recognition of the International Women’s Day on March 8th, of every year, the Syrian people back home celebrating this occasion with sorrow, pain and tears for the loss of more than 3900 Syrian women killed by the regime forces since the start of the Syrian revolution for freedom and pride, back to March 15th, 2011 onward.

The Syrian woman, became a target for the unleashed Syrian government forces, and became a subject of suppression, torture, rape and killing under the sight and the conspiracy of the UN security Council and under the blind vision of the international civilized community, the regime continued it genocide and homicide acts against the Syrian people , especially women.

The barbaric and the aggressive attack of the brutal Syrian forces led to the killing of more than 71374, out of them 4916 children within the last 24 months of the start date of the Syrian free revolution.

The secular pretended so, of the Syrian regime, found its objectives in torturing women among a oriental society adhere to certain traditions and culture of being genuine, and equal towards the women who are the symbol as a mother, sister, spouse, daughter, and life partner. The malicious regime targeted these women through kidnapping them, rapping them, compulsory hiding them under guns point, torturing them, in order to achieve its military goals by suppressing to its will, and destroying the support of the people opposing its power and control, to which those women were belonging, in a barbarian and criminal nasty style .

The Syrian Regime has benefited from the undeclared conspiracy of the UN Security Council, and from the absence of the regional Syrian civic community, being busy with its small issues and concerns. This situation, gave the criminal regime the opportunity to commit its crimes and oppression against the Syrian people, starting with shelling their communities, by ground artilleries, and air bombardment, using fixed-wings military jet fighters, and later on, by using ballistic missiles with an enormous destructive power.

During the last two years, we , as a Syrian people, got to scarify, a life of a Syrian women, on daily basis, as a result of a systematic repression against them. The level of sacrifices has been escalated higher that women were a target of humiliation, and became physically and psychologically sick by the oppression and aggressive acts of government forces against them.

Some of the war zone areas in Syria, the government forces found it possible to practice without the scruples and the fear of its conscience and morality where they raid and violated all laws and human principles, killing, torturing and rapping women without any remorse, pity, mercy and sympathy.

Today the Syrian people are more determined, more than ever, to move forward, to achieve the objectives of their revolution, The revolution of freedom and dignity, for the purpose of building a modern society based on equality of rights, equality of obligation and duties of each individual toward the new Syria, and by not permitting any escape of legal punishment, court fair trial and justice as it happened before.

The Syrian people today, are well prepared to challenge all the forces of evil in the world, in order to win their freedom and rights.

Damascus, March, 8th, 2013

The Board of Directors.