Statement of the Raqqa Information Center in protest of the continued harassments by ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 16 novembre 2013


The revolutionary media center in the city of Raqqa has decided to stop all of its operations, in protest of the continued harassments by ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and the physical lashing of one of its activists.

The statement:
When we established the revolutionary media center two years ago , our goal was to deliver the news in Raqqa and to document the crimes of the Assad regime for the whole world to see, we did what we had to do in the best way we could even though most of our managers and correspondents were detained and tortured by the hands of the Assad regime before the liberation of Raqqa.
We continued to work after the liberation , we live streamed and broadcasted the news in Raqqa and the massacres through all sorts of outlets and channels.
Today after one of our correspondents was lashed by ISIS because he was filming in (Al Sa’aa) Area – Raqqa downtown- we are accused of treason and espionage, hence we declare that we will cease all media, journalistic and documenting activities and that we will shut down the center’s page, asking god for safety to all of our brothers and sisters in Syria , and also to all of our media activist colleagues , noting that one page in particular in Raqqa carried out propaganda and a smear campaign against us accusing us of “Secularism” among many other things to force us to shut down , and now we yield to their demands.
Our families and people in Raqqa , please forgive us.
We love nothing more than to enter a bit of joy and hope to your lives , our wish was that our final statement be in the time where the tyrant Bashar al Assad fell , but circumstances are stronger than we are.
We ask god for the better of all.
“There for we announce that we are not associated with any other page carrying our name”

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date : 04/11/2013