Talking about the Revolution – Call for application – by Julia

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 19 juin 2017

Are you unsatisfied with the (media) coverage about the revolution in Syria? Would you like to add more diverse perspectives to the one-sided debate on the conflict in Syria that is mainly concerned with international accusation and geostrategic finger-pointing; the fight against the IS and the dealing with refugees?

Do you feel like changing the debate by actively shaping the public discussion with your voice and getting involved in political networks in Germany? Then participate in the program „Talking about the Revolution“! 

Talking about the Revolution - Teilnehmer*innen gesucht / Call for application

 The Program

Talking about the Revolution is a program for Syrians that gives you the opportunity to become active in information events about the Syrian Revolution from the viewpoint of the Syrian civil society. The aim is to add a new perspective, and make your voice being heard in the prevailing debate on Syria by events for an interested audience. Furthermore, the program opens doors to connect with German initiatives working on the same subject.

Target Groups

The program addresses Syrians who live in Germany. We are looking for committed and politically active participants, who would like to enrich the debate on Syria in Germany and connect with actors of the German civil society. The project also approaches the broader public to impart knowledge and appreciation for the peaceful actors of the Syrian Revolution.


The program is running from July till October 2017 and is designed in 3 phases. The trainings and hospitation will be in Berlin, the information events will take place all over Germany. In total we are looking for 8 people to participate in the program.

1) Trainings

Within the trainings all participants will deal with the current debate on Syria and their own role in it. In rhetoric, speaking and presentation trainings you will get ready to interact with the audience by various event formats (e.g. informational events, panel discussion, workshop). In the storytelling module you will learn what effect information, facts and stories can achieve. Furthermore there is space for mutual exchange. The content of the training modules will also be based on your needs.

2) Hospitation

During a 5 to 10 day hospitation in the Adopt a Revolution office in Berlin you will meet the team of Adopt a Revolution. Also, you will get insights how international solidarity work can work. Furthermore, together with the project team you will plan the first events.

3) Events

The information events are the heart of the project. In total you will be active in 2-3 events. The project team of Adopt a Revolution will support and accompany you during the planning, conception and conduction process.

At the end of the program you will get a certificate.


Please fill the application form (in English or German) and submit it via email to

Download Link: Application Form_EN

Application Deadline: 25th of June 2017

Interviews will take place between July 3 – 7 2017 in Berlin. Travel costs will be covered.


Do I have to cover any costs?

During the program all costs for travel, food and accommodation will be covered. There will be no costs for you.

Language Skills

The program will be in German and English. Therefore you should have sufficient skills in one of the two languages.

For further questions please contact

Place of the program

The training modules and hospitation will take place in Berlin. The informational events will be all over Germany. You do not need to be located in Berlin during the entire project.

Since 2012 Adopt a Revolution has been doing international solidarity work on Syria. On the one hand, we support civilian projects directly on the ground and, on the other hand, we are engaged in information and public relations work to display the background of the conflict as well as the activities of the peaceful activists.


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