The Syrian Organization for Human Rights (SWASIAH) – Statement

Article  •  Publié sur Souria Houria le 26 décembre 2011

The Syrian Organization for Human Rights (SWASIAH)

  • Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

(Article /3/ of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


One of the gates of the General Intelligence Department in Kafr Sousa neighborhood in Damascus, as well as one of the gates of the Branches of Military Intelligence were attacked by terrorists yesterday, killing 44 victims in addition to 166 injured as reported by the Syrian news agency « SANA. »
Syrian Organization for Human Rights sends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishful thinking for a speedy recovery to the wounded and expresses its strong condemnation of the bombings and confirms its position on anti-terrorism. Although, the perpetrators of which are still not clearly identified.
Syria’s official position is advertised and has made up his mind since the beginning. The spokesman for the Interior Ministry formally charged Al Qaeda for the terrorists attacks. The clergy who spoke during the funeral of the victims also expanded the indictment to include the external opposition and conspirators against the Syrian regime.

There are still a lot of dissenting voices questioning the incidents as acts of terrorism by Al Qaeda. The places targeted are fortified in a way that makes it difficult for even flies to enter.  The targets are impenetrable and it is impossible for a car of any kind the get beyond the barriers of concrete and steel before reaching the place specially prepared to check the car electronically. Even then, a car may only enter after the destination and the driver have been verified.
The bodies found at the explosion sites were the surplus of bodies either from kidnapping during the implementation of incursions or those who disappeared and died in their custody as what happened in the case of Zeinab Alhsna. Security forces delivered her body mutilated and cut to her family. She later appeared on satellite channels and explained that the dead body that had been delivered to her family was actually among the surplus prepared for such occasions.
To invoke further skepticism that the security services fabricated the two blasts on the morning of Friday « Death protocol is a license to kill » day on the first day of the Observer Mission for the Arabs to serve as a way to clarify the existence of gangs of armed terrorist and to justify the use of atrocities to suppress peaceful protesters. The arrival of the Arab observers resulted in more than 30 victims of them 16 victims in Idleb, 10 in Homs and Damascus and Dara, and other Syrian cities in addition to scores of arrests and tanks invading several cities including Khan Chikhoun and Deir Al-Zour, and others.
In the face of the two reports, the Syrian Organization for Human Rights publicly announces that it does not endorse either of the two versions and is standing at a distance equal them, but emphasizes that Syrian blood is priceless. It should not be employed as an instrument of policy, marketing, trading, manipulating, or exploiting for the advertisement of any party. The charges outlined are not based on clear, conclusive, and scientific evidence.
Political interference or interventions by the security forces should be limited because it will lead to fake confessions recorded as an instrument for intuitive conviction.

The truth is a public demand and a common will and without which, we cannot enter the moment of truth with ourselves, which is considered the beginning of the road in the journey of serious reform
Therefore, in fairness and in pursuit of the truth, the Syrian Organization for Human Rights is calling for an international investigation committee of experts and specialists designated by the United Nations to be next to the team Arab observers to investigate such incidents and identify the perpetrators. The Observer Group of Arabs would investigate such incidents to put the record straight with regard to responsibility and the truth, and without which it will not end the cycle of twisting and turning, which will ultimately take with them more lives of the finest sons of Syria and shed more Syrian blood.

Damascus 25/12/2011

Board of Directors